Matthew Siegel, Ph.D.   Founder and Executive Coach Matthew Siegel Consulting LLC

Matthew Siegel, Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Coach
Matthew Siegel Consulting LLC

I founded Matthew Siegel Consulting to help entrepreneurs and senior leaders achieve better business outcomes through active learning, enhanced self-awareness, and more effective interpersonal engagement. I believe that individual success can be defined and achieved at every level and that organizations benefit from investing in their people and in a leadership culture. These beliefs are influenced by my deep experience employing psychological principles that effect optimal behavioral change.

I received my Ph.D in counseling psychology from Teachers College at Columbia University. Before and since my professional education, I have helped all levels of professionals learn how to better communicate, overcome their blind spots, and achieve better self-discipline. My goal is to help more individuals meet their full potential and to enable more organizations to better operate.

Prior to my doctoral training, I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, serving in the Parks, Wildlife, and Environmental Education sector. During my time there, I saw first hand the impact of collaboration and active learning to a community—key traits that I believe can transcend from rural villages to large corporations.

I am deeply passionate about my work and can help address your unique business objectives and goals through leadership assessments and development, team building exercises, interactive presentations, and training programs that put techniques into practice.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy all things outdoors and being with my wife, Cindy, and our children, Penelope and Benjamin.